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Liver Perfusion and Preservation

Doctors at the Henry Ford Transplant Institute, Michigan’s most comprehensive transplant program, have found a new technology that can sustain a donated liver outside of the body for many hours longer than traditionally thought possible.


Appropriate Treatment of Localization-related Epilepsy

Jason M. Schwalb, MD, FAANS, FACS discusses the various treatment options for patients suffering from Epilepsy.


The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Skin Cancer in Organ Transplant Recipients

Holly Kerr, MD and Ellen "Nikki" Pritchett, MD discuss the prevelance and risk factors of skin cancer in organ transplant recipients (OTR).


Advances in Robotic Adrenal Surgery

Craig Rogers, MD, director of Renal Surgery and Urologic Oncology at Henry Ford Hospital, talks about robotic adrenal surgery, outlining patient cases and surgical techniques. The discussion also covers evaluating a patient with an adrenal mass, perioperative management and placement of surgical ports.

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Cardiac Amyloidosis Study

The Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute is participating in a Cardiac Amyloidosis Study at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI.

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TransNotes - Spring 2016

published by Henry Ford Transplant Institute

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