Robot-Assisted Kidney Transplant

Robot-Assisted Kidney Transplant

Collaborating with robotic surgery pioneers from the Henry Ford Vattikuti Urology Institute, surgeons at the Henry Ford Transplant Institute have created a new robotic-assisted procedure that offers recipients a faster and safer operation helping many patients receive an organ who would not normally be candidates for kidney transplantation. Henry Ford is the first in the Midwest and the leaders in the country to utilize this technology.

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About the Henry Ford Transplant Institute

The Henry Ford Transplant Institute is one of the largest and well respected multi-organ transplant centers in the United States.

As Michigan’s most comprehensive transplant program, the Henry Ford Transplant Institute offers transplantation of the:




Intestine and Multivisceral Organs



Bone Marrow Stem Cell

The Institute is always on the forefront of transplantation science, and performs the most advanced minimally invasive procedures and living organ donation. Our commitment to quality leads to outcomes that meet or exceed expected survival rates where we use the most effective clinical strategies to increase transplant rates while maintaining superior patient outcomes. For more information about the Henry Ford Transplant Institute, log on to

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